Elmer T Lee Review

A review of Buffalo Trace’s Elmer T. Lee

McGregor Claims He’ll “Take Over The Whiskey Market”

Connor McGregor claims he’ll “take over the whiskey market” with his Infamous Whiskey.

Forged Oak Review

Forged Oak I will admit to you all, I am a tad partial to Orphan Barrel products. It was in the basement-level bar of a […]

How to Mix a Horsecar

Today we show you step-by-step how to mix a Horsecar whiskey cocktail! Savory with spicy, sweet, and fruity undertones, the Horsecar is a simple drink […]

Which Makers for When

Here at Whiskey Culture, we’re not all about rare whiskeys and bourbons. Sometimes we enjoy the simpler things in life, like a good pour of […]

Mixing A Second Circle

Today we show you how to mix a Second Circle whiskey cocktail step-by-step! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6H3YvUJjtpc Sending User Review 0 (0 votes) Comments Rating 0 (0 reviews)


Sometimes it’s the simple things, like a simple and solid pour with friends. From Whiskey Culture to you, happy Friday. Enjoy the weekend! Sending User […]

Amrut Single Malt Peated Review

Amrut Single Malt Peated My friend who owns Tampa local store Whiskey Willy’s called me over to sample some new products from the Amrut Distillery. […]

Elmer T. Lee Review

Elmer T. Lee Ah yes, Elmer T. Lee, another hype-bourbon from good ‘ol Buffalo Trace Distillery. Most have heard of it, and, even though it […]

High West Bourye Review

High West Bourye This is one of those whiskeys that I’d heard good hype about, but have never gotten around to trying. Our friends over […]