Whiskey Culture – 2020 and Beyond

Hey everyone! We are here to thank you all for being a valuable member of our culture, recap our 2019, and discuss the new directions Whiskey Culture is taking in this new decade. You’ve spoken, we’ve listened.

Our 2019 was huge.
– We made our first trips up to Kentucky. There we grew relationships with distilleries and met amazing people that continue to be advocates for what we’re trying to do (shout out to Vicky and Whiskey Jean). We have a schedule for this upcoming year to continue traveling to the land from which the bourbon flows to bring even more content.
– We started a closed Facebook group in the fourth quarter of the year and already have around 1,100 members sharing their love of whiskey with each other daily (which you are more than welcome to join.
– We grew nearly 50% in likes and engagement, meaning we’re on the right track in bringing you all content you actually enjoy. However, as always, we want to do more.

That is why we have planned to step it up this year.

One of the most requested things in 2019 was that we begin a podcast. You all requested we keep them short and to the point. We already have our first 15 podcasts recorded, edited, and scheduled. The first one is a quick review of New Riff Single Barrel. It is a quick 2 minute review, but we’re getting the hang of it and ask that you all subscribe and stick with it while we get our bearings. You can find the podcast here.

We have also partnered with an company in California, Keg N Bottle, to meet the second most requested new addition to our blog. We will be offering our very own Whiskey Culture Barrel Picks you can order from their website. They’ll be offering WC followers a special price just for supporting the blog! This means you’ll be able to order bottles specifically from barrels that we’ve selected, meaning you can have your very own piece of Whiskey Culture to drink for yourself!

In addition to these awesome additions to our blog, we’ll be focusing on producing more content, and more interviews with those in the industry, and those who just love drinking whiskey like yourselves! We think this will provide more diversity in our content offerings and some more relatable material for your enjoyment.

Another one of the biggest things that we’ve seen, is people wondering how they can support the blog. We appreciate you all so much! It’s not inexpensive running a blog that’s gotten to the size we have. We are having to host the site, pay for the software for the new podcasts, travel, and purchase some of the bottles requested by our followers for review. We have set up a Patreon page that we have just launched. However, with your support comes additional perks! You’ll get access to more content, exclusive swag, bigger and badder giveaways, magazine subscriptions, free bottles, priority ordering for our barrel picks, and even opportunities to be featured on the blog or help us pick our next barrel!

As always, thank you so much for being a member of our culture. You all make this endeavor so worthwhile. Thank you for your continued support, and we hope these new additions to the blog bring you plenty to read over a nice pour of your favorite daily drinker.