A Decade of Laws Whiskey House

Laws Whiskey House has passed a momentous milestone this year. It takes a lot of hard work, passion, and perseverance to make it in the whiskey industry. It’s an incredibly saturated market. And, it takes even more than that to make it an entire decade without compromising your vision, beliefs, and attention to detail. 

However, Laws Whiskey House in Denver, Colorado is now able to say they have done just that. 

Laws Whiskey House was founded in 2011 with a humble vision of making quality whiskey that embraces the unique features of Colorado. They set out to use grains that haven’t been genetically engineered, ones that have only been shaped by the beautiful Colorado terrain and time. 

Now, a decade later, they are one of the top award-winning craft distilleries. Not just in Colorado, but in the entire country. They continue to lead by example through their unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and integrity. 

And, when you pick up their iconic square bottle and sip a dram of their whiskey, you can tell the amount of passion, care, and expertise that goes into making a bottle of Laws Whiskey. 

The Origin Series

Laws Whiskey House is celebrating its 10-year anniversary not just in spirit, but with a drinkable monument to everything they have accomplished. This monument and release is named Origins X

Origins X is the brand’s oldest whiskey released to date, featuring barrels distilled in the first year of the company’s founding over a decade ago in 2011. Origins X contains whiskey from each of Laws’ initial 16 spirit runs, all of which were directed by Founder Al Laws with advice from his mentor and friend Bill Friel, Master Distiller Emeritus from Bardstown, Kentucky. 

In 2013, after two years of aging, Al Laws handpicked 28 Four Grain Bourbon barrels that included at least one barrel from the first 16 spirit runs. The whiskey from these barrels was then married in a stainless-steel tank and after a few days of mellowing, was reintroduced to the same #53-gallon #3 char barrels, re-numbered, re-racked and renamed with a single word — Origins. 

These barrels were sold to help Laws raise funds used to design and produce their signature square bottles and establish the Brand Pillars of Laws Whiskey House. 

As time went on, Laws eventually repurchased some of those Origins barrels for special releases. 

Origins X is the last of the four Origins barrels, married together around 107 proof. 

As a tastable part of Laws Whiskey House’s history, this is not just another bottle of whiskey. It’s a testament to the quality, passion, and dedication to the craft Laws has embraced over these last ten years while also looking towards the future built on a solid foundation. 

Trying Laws Whiskey

If you haven’t tried Laws yet, you’re missing out on a delicious and unique experience sure to please any whiskey lover. 

You can learn more about their story by clicking here, and browse whiskey for sale here. Also, if you’re in the Denver area it’s absolutely worth your time to stop in and meet the team while sampling some of their incredible spirits. Just don’t forget to take a bottle or twelve home with you! 

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