A Midwinter Nights Dram: Act 6, Scene 4


  • Distillery: High West Distillery
  • Spirit: Rye Whiskey
  • Aged: Unspecified
  • Proof: 98.6
  • Purchase Price: $89.99

From The Distiller:  “Greetings good gentles and ladies. At High West, we consider whiskey an indispensable part of making it through the long cold winter. One taste of A Midwinter Night’s Dram alongside a cozy fire will surely transport you to a dreamlike state. This limited release whiskey is a sumptuous marriage of our Rendezvous Rye finished in both port and French oak barrels. ”


Review & Score

Nose: honey, vanilla, clove, and winter spices are heavy on the nose with slight undertones of toasted oak. 

Palate: Mulling spice, dried fig, spiced plum, vanilla, and toasted cinnamon. 

Body: hot, but not overly so as the heat comes with intense flavor. 

Finish: Sweet creamed corn notes poke through with toasted oak and winter spices peak through. 

Conclusion: We have to admit. It’s a great pour. We wish it was easier to get our hands on, especially in the winter months. It reminds us of a traditional Christmas flavor profile without being overly sweet. This pour has savory and sweet notes. It’s hot on the first few sips, but mellows out as you drink the dram. The nice thing is that heat packs enough flavor that it doesn’t detract from the experience. If there’s one thing about High West we enjoy, it is that they dive in head-first on the “theme” of their products. We’re definitely keeping our eyes open for these releases. 

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