About Whiskey Culture

Whiskey Culture is an exploration into the history, community, and industry that surrounds this incredible spirit.

The history of whiskey mirrors the history of humanity. Since the discovery of whiskey, it has been a reflection of our struggles and triumphs. From survival to politics, from culture to religion, whiskey has been front a part of our evolution and development.

We have a burning passion for whiskey and everything it embodies.

We work to bring you articles, podcasts, and videos that encapsulate the history, culture, science, lifestyle, industry, and community that have circled whiskey for thousands of years.

We are a platform for a multitude of voices from numerous walks of life that all share that core passion and love for all things whiskey.

Whiskey is defined as a spirit made from malted grain. But, we know it’s so much more than that. Whiskey is our passion, our history, and our community.

Join us as we continue to explore what it means to be a part of the Whiskey Culture.

The Whiskey Culture Team

Greg Sinadinos

CEO / Head Author

It all started when I was in college. One of my friends was a little over a year younger than me. We decided to go celebrate his 21st birthday.

We were both very “low-key” individuals and didn’t want to make a grand spectacle of it. We just went out to dinner and then stopped at a nicer bar in the area. It was a place I knew to make good drinks and was usually just quiet enough so you could have a conversation without yelling.

We decided we wanted to have a single “celebratory pour” of something higher-end. We’d saved around $100 each for the occasion, which to a college kid used to living on ramen basically felt like a small fortune.

We wound up down in the lounge where they kept the nicer pours and were immediately drawn to a rectangular bottle featuring a drawn fox standing up wearing a tail-coat and a bowler hat. It happened to be Orphan Barrel’s Barterhouse release, and after gawking at the $20 / oz price tag, we plunged in.

It was the BEST spirit I’d ever had up to that point. And we fell in love with it.

It took us four months of searching weekly to track a bottle down, but we were hooked from then on out. We searched for new, rare pours across the city. We’d often split the cost of a bottle so we could afford the nicer ones. We’d often post our bounty on Facebook and write about what we did or didn’t like about it.

It was a few months into this ritual that I got connected with Fine Tobacco NYC Magazine. He had me write a few articles as a guest writer. I loved doing the research and writing about my findings. I loved talking with people about it and sharing my growing passion.

I’d always wanted to write, to be a storyteller, and I had so much fun writing those articles that I created a Facebook page to keep going. It was then that Whiskey Culture was born, the name capturing my love for people, writing, whiskey, and community.

Eventually, I authored “Whiskey History From Around The World” and am the host of “The Whiskey Culture Podcast” and “The Rickhouse” web series.

Today, I am a Certified Bourbon Steward and WSET Spirits II Specialist traveling the country doing what I love.

I work with various whiskey societies, cigar groups, companies, and venues to plan and craft engaging experiences where participants will learn more about the ever-changing world of whiskey; and I have taught masterclasses, been an event panelist, and judged spirits competitions around the country.

It really is a dream come true.

Orion Brader

Orion Brader

Production Manager

Orion has been friends with Greg since their high school days.

His love for whiskey grew as he tried different pours Greg was reviewing for Whiskey Culture. And, when Whiskey Culture began traveling around the country, he went with them to document their whiskey expeditions.

Orion now works full-time for Whiskey Culture managing our production schedule and ensuring the quality of our content. He oversees our contributor program, and can be found alongside Greg during their trips to Kentucky either behind the camera, or behind a glass of fine whiskey after a long day of shooting footage.

Email: Orion@WhiskeyCulture.com

Chris Payne

Chris Payne

Marketing Manager

Chris first became affiliated with Whiskey Culture when he met Greg at one of their regular hangouts, Whiskey Willy’s in Tampa, FL.

Their mutual love for whiskey and connecting with other whiskey enthusiasts quickly spurred a great friendship between them. Chris and Greg would share samples, and hunt bottles for each other as their travels took them around the country.

Chris regularly attended Whiskey Culture events, and was even invited to sit on the tasting panel for Whiskey Culture’s first private barrel pick!

Now in Philadelphia, Chris is a regular contributor for Whiskey Culture writing op-ed pieces and bottle reviews.

Email: Chris@WhiskeyCulture.com

Brian Merck

Brian Merck

Chief Editor

Brian and Greg met in college and quickly became good friends, both sharing notes and pours of whiskey.

He lives in Tallahassee, FL where he is our head editor, ensuring that our contributor program and community article submissions are pristine and ready for publication.

Brian’s particular brand of humor, generosity, and goodwill alongside his awesome editing skills have made him an excellent addition to the Whiskey Culture family.

Email: Brian@WhiskeyCulture.com

Regular Contributors

Jean-luc Knowles

Jean-luc Knowles

My love for whiskey started on my 21st birthday. I knew I wanted something special to try and while working as a server at a restaurant I got a ton of recommendations of what my first drink to be.

I was suggested Blanton’s and the search began.

A friend got me a bottle for my birthday and on that day my curiosity and love for whiskey began. To this day I love finding the unicorns and the hidden gems of the whiskey world. But the best thing about whiskey is the culture that surrounds the old spirit and a culture that is continuously growing and expanding. I’m excited to be a little part of that culture while being a part of the Whiskey Culture team with Greg.

Bryan Hubert

Bryan Hubert

Bryan has been building custom guitars for years, but officially started his company "Hubert Guitars" in 2020. His work has been featured around the country. His creations can be found on display at the National Blues Museum, Lambert Airport, and the Elkhorn Valley History Museum.

In his time building over 100 custom instruments, he has discovered that the history of music and whiskey are deeply intertwined.

Now, he writes about the connection between music and whiskey as a regular contributor for Whiskey Culture while building his guitar business.