Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star

Spirit: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Distillery: Ancient Age Distillery (Buffalo Trace)

Aged: NAS (at least 4 years)

Price: $15 (750ml)

Proof: 90

Buffalo Trace Website

About Ancient Age Distillery:

Ancient Age Distillery has been in operation since 1869. Over those years it changed hands a number of times until it ultimately came under the ownership of Buffalo Trace Distillery.

This historic distillery has kept this historic whiskey brand alive. It, like many other Buffalo Trace-owned lines, has built a cult following. The distillery has done a great job maintaining the quality of this spirit over the years and kept the hype alive.

About Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star:

Since 1946 this bourbon has been held in high regard. 90 proof and distilled from corn, rye, and barley malt, it’s smooth and simple, yet robust in its own way. There is much to love about this bourbon that has withstood the test of time.

The Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star used to have a 10 year age statement but has since dropped the age statement once the wares were depleted and they had to reduce the time maturing to keep up with demand.

  • Nose
  • Palate
  • Finish
  • Heat vs Proof
  • Value

Notes & Review

Nose: Clean, light nose. New make, ethanol, butterscotch, sweet creamed corn, faint notes of baking spice and fig.

Palate: Off-dry, watery, and light intensity.

Light notes of vanilla cream and butterscotch duel with sweet corn shine. Light notes of baking spice and tobacco play in the background with a light maraschino cherry undertone.

Finish: Short, simple finish. Notes of toasted oak and burnt caramel fade into a flat corn shine.  



I’m just going to come out and say it, I’m a fan of Ancient Ancient Age. Some people say it is virtually the same as Blanton’s. While I don’t agree with this at all, I do agree that this is a great pour for the price and availability.

In our travels, we run into bottles of this semi-regularly and we never really go looking for it. But, when we find it, we bring a few bottles home.

It’s not going to blow away your favorite mid-priced bottles, but it’s not really supposed to. It’s a $15 bottle that drives more like a $25-30 bottle. It sits right on proof in terms of heat, and, while it can be a little thin, it still has enough flavor to make you not think twice about spending the relatively paltry sum of cash.

It’s got a lot going for it as a value bottle as a straight sipping pour, and for lighter cocktails where the ingredients don’t overwhelm the core whiskey. Be careful when adding ice, as it’s already thin and the extra dilution can unravel some of the complexity it holds when poured straight.

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