August whiskey recommendations

August Recommendations

Another month, another set of recommendations! As August rolls through and summer dwindles down, let’s look at some great options for your whiskey shelves!

1. Sazerac Rye

I’m pleased to report that Sazerac Rye is finally becoming easier to find after years of difficulty. This is a great thing since it is one of my favorite cheaper ryes. It mixes well and drinks great neat.

If you have the opportunity to find one of these at a reasonable price, it’s worth it to have a great addition to your shelf.

2. Kozuba & Sons 7 Year

Kozuba & Sons is a craft distillery out of St. Petersburg, Florida. And they have all of Tampa Bay buzzing with how delicious their high wheat rye whiskey is.

If you’re lucky enough to be in one of their distribution areas, it’s worth a pickup to see how unique and tasty this particular mash bill is.

3. Pikesville Rye

All aboard the Rye Train! *choo choo*

One of my good friends, Vince, turned me onto this bottle. It drinks well below 110 but still carries a big, swinging, bold rye flavor. It’s typically available in most places. This is one for the shelf if you’re a fan of bold pours and bolder flavors.

4. Michter’s Bourbon

Michter’s is a historic brand dating back to before the American Revolution. When the British cut off our rum trade routes, Washington bought barrels and barrels of whiskey from these guys.

Their Bourbon is a solid expression full of delicious caramel, vanilla, and oaky notes.

5. Knob Creek 12

Knob Creek has a pretty devout fanbase. And for good reason.

The 12-year takes everything you love about Knob Creek and amps it up to 11. You’ll get classic bourbon flavors, but expect it to pull more heavily in the woody and spiced profile.

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