Entries by Greg Sinadinos

Buffalo Trace Ditches Stagg This Year

Buffalo Trace bit a bitter bullet. Their master distiller said this year’s Stagg release isn’t up to par and will not be released for 2021.

Bourbon, An American Tale

Bourbon reflects the melting pot soul of America. Derived from a foreign spirit, and made uniquely our own. Bourbon is the American Spirit.

Hands-On With Race King

Rabbit Hole’s new Race King release is the latest in the Founder Series collection. But, how is it? And does it live up to the legacy?

Kozuba & Sons VIP Event Coming This October

Kozuba will host the 2021 Sunshine Spirits Festival VIP tasting October 1st. Attendance is limited and it’s a night you don’t want to miss!

What It Takes To Expand A Distillery’s Market

Expanding to a new market may seem simple, but it takes a lot of investment, risk, and careful planning for craft distillers.

Florida Craft Spirits Festival at Dark Door

The Florida Craft Spirits Festival is taking place October 1st at Dark Door Spirits in Tampa, FL. Learn about the event and tickets here!

My “Top 5” Summer Whiskeys

With each passing season, we try new whiskies that we feel stand-out. Some have a great approach to classic notes, some are incredibly unique.

Laws Whiskey – The Production Process

Laws Whiskey is intentional in every step of their distillation process. From the careful selection of grains, to an inverted mash cook.

Kozuba & Son’s Limited Edition Whiskey

Kozuba & Sons in St. Pete, FL is giving fans the chance to have their name customized on a bottle of their popular 7-year high-wheat rye.