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Michter’s 20 Year Limited Release

This is one of those pours that I’ve been pining after for a while. After about a year of gunning for it and almost pulling the trigger, the staff at The Silver Dollar in Louisville, KY were kind enough to front a pour for our review.

Old Tub

Prior to prohibition, people would bring their own jugs to the distillery and fill them with bourbon. Booker always enjoyed his 100 proof old tub.

Maker’s Mark 101

Maker’s Mark 101 is our signature Maker’s Mark family recipe, brought to you at a higher proof. Now available in limited quantities at our distillery.

What Does “Bottled In Bond” Mean?

America’s history is closely mirrored in the history of our native spirit, Bourbon. It’s a story of triumph and defeat, relentlessness and fortitude, enterprise and regulation. One such regulation was the Bottled In Bond act of 1897. Speaking of enterprise, people have been profiting off of the spirits industry for much of our recorded history. […]

New “Single Barrel” Label Filed With TTB

Sazerac company has filed a new single barrel label which has been approved and appears on the TTB website. According to the filing, the single barrel expressions will be bottled at a middle-of-the-road 97 proof. This proof is a middle-ground between the Special Reserve’s 90 proof and the 107’s proof. Weller’s Full Proof, which weighs […]