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Duke Cannon – Buffalo Trace Cologne Review

The balm itself is quite straightforward. It has very much the same scent as the soap, but a little less woody and a little more of that sweet mash scent. It’s a unique aroma that we find quite pleasing as whiskey lovers, but also got compliments on from others who are less bourbon-inclined, meaning you’re not going to go around smelling like an actual bottle of booze.

Michter’s Distillery Highlight Reel

Every now and again comes along a distillery that got it right. Everything. The whiskey, the atmosphere, the marketing, the brand, and the culture. One that sets itself apart by pride in its product’s quality.

Michter’s is one such distillery.

Henry McKenna 10 Year

This high proof, Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon was named for Henry McKenna, the Irish immigrant who adapted his family’s whiskey recipe to work the grains he found in Kentucky.

Timber Creek Florida Whiskey

They don’t try to mask it or trick you with overpowering flavors. For the price, if you like young bourbons, this one is hard to beat. We know we’re keeping at least one on our shelves, and we might also recommend it over ice if you’re not a fan of the proof-punch.

Hakushu 12 Year

We got bold earthy flavors, nice strong smoke, and light notes of sweet and floral. Overall, I’d say it would be nice to pair with a bold dish or have on the back-end of a tasting to give an extra punch when your taste buds are beginning to run flavors together. 

Eagle Rare

The flavor is straightforward and uncomplicated. For those of you who have read my reviews, you know that I enjoy my mellow pours as much as I enjoy my complex ones. For the price, it’s definitely a pour you can share with whiskey novices and experts alike.

Duke’s Buffalo Trace Soap

It has a nice vanilla and wheated smell to it, typical of buffalo trace products. If you’ve ever been to a distillery and noted that sweet mash scent dearly associated with quality bourbons, it reminds me of that. There are notes of oak, but they sit behind the sweet mash scent as more of an afterthought than the primary driver.

Jameson Whiskey

The Nose is full of malted barley, browned butter, tinged oak, and full of spices. The body is full but not overpowering allowing the flavor to pull through. Spice, malt, charcoal, oak, sweet honey-vanilla, and toasted nuts develop throughout the palate. The finish brings that barley back but smoked this time, much like grilled corn husk, and light honeysuckle.

Crown Royal

The nose is uncomplicated. Sweet vanilla candies, werther’s candy, light notes of spiced oak. The body is smooth and creamy. The palate has notes of caramel creams, rye, oak, and apple peel. The finish is, again, straightforward. Maplewood peaks through followed by notes of charred oak and rye.