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Jameson Whiskey

The Nose is full of malted barley, browned butter, tinged oak, and full of spices. The body is full but not overpowering allowing the flavor to pull through. Spice, malt, charcoal, oak, sweet honey-vanilla, and toasted nuts develop throughout the palate. The finish brings that barley back but smoked this time, much like grilled corn husk, and light honeysuckle.

Crown Royal

The nose is uncomplicated. Sweet vanilla candies, werther’s candy, light notes of spiced oak. The body is smooth and creamy. The palate has notes of caramel creams, rye, oak, and apple peel. The finish is, again, straightforward. Maplewood peaks through followed by notes of charred oak and rye.

Jim Beam (Kentucky Straight Bourbon)

The nose is simple. Ethanol, corn husk, cheerios, and vanilla. Straightforward and unapologetically dry and earthy. The body is full with a little more heat than we personally would like for a bourbon of this proof. The palate is full of roasted oak, earthy muddle spice, roasted oak, and a light play of turpentine and creme brulee peak through.

Jack Daniels (Old No. 7)

ack Daniels is timeless. Founded by the legendary Jack Daniels himself in 1864, he learned the art of whiskey-making from a preacher and an enslaved man. He would later hire the man out of slavery to take a spot as the first Jack Daniels Master Distiller.

Elmer T Lee

“Named after Master Distiller Emeritus Elmer T. Lee, this whiskey is hand selected and bottled to the taste and standards of Elmer T. Lee himself. Perfectly balanced and rich, as declared by the man who knows how great bourbon should taste.”

Buffalo Trace

Distillery: Buffalo TraceProof: 90MSRP: $24.99 From The Distiller: “Made from the finest corn, rye and barley malt, this whiskey ages in new oak barrels for years in century old warehouses until the peak of maturity. The taste is rich and complex, with hints of vanilla, toffee and candied fruit.”

Forged Oak

If you like woody bourbons, this one is one for your cabinet. It isn’t the easiest to find, but worth a pick-up if you’re into that sort of thing. I will admit the price is a tad high for such an on-the-nose bourbon when it comes to flavor, but with a name like “Forged Oak” you more or less know what you’re getting yourself into when you pull out your wallet.

How to Mix a Horsecar

Today we show you step-by-step how to mix a Horsecar whiskey cocktail! Savory with spicy, sweet, and fruity undertones, the Horsecar is a simple drink to impress. It’s a drink you can customize to your liking very easily to find your optimal cocktail!