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Our Second Sponsor

We have another local sponsor! Whiskey Willy’s has graciously extended their hand in whiskey-based friendship. They will be offering samples and special in-store promotions brought to you by Whiskey Willy’s and Whiskey Culture!


LARCENY This one came on recommendation by my local liquor contact. The price was rather low, which immediately drew my skepticism. However, my bourbon buddy reminded me that with whiskey, price is an incredibly deceiving factor in judging a bottle. We took it home and popped it open. I’m fairly certain there are fewer better […]

Happy 2018 from Whiskey Culture

Sometimes it’s not the price, the rarity, or the age, but who you share it with that matters. It’s the laughs, the memories, the shenanigans, and the friendships built that define the pour. From Whiskey Culture to you, happy 2018.

Old Rip Van Winkle (2016)

Old Rip Van Winkle (2016) This was one of those moments where things just come together for me. I’d been searching for a bottle of ANY of the Van Winkle line for a while. Of course, I’ve had it at bars for years, usually making connections with managers so that I get a whack at […]

Glencairn Glass

Many of you have most likely seen the beautiful outward bowing bell-shaped glass that many of us whiskey-lovers use to enjoy our beloved distillation. Well, that, my dear reader, is called a Glencairn glass. But, do you know why we use them? The bell shape helps to trap the scent of the whiskey (which we […]