Header photo of Rabbit Hole's bespoke gin and boxergrail rye whiskey.

Bespoke Gin is For Whiskey Drinkers

A picture of Rabbit Hole Bespoke Gin.

Bespoke Gin

Rabbit Hole Distillery is well-known for the wide range of award winning whiskies. However, two other offerings that whiskey lovers may not know about. First, they have their Liddel French Wheat Vodka. And, more up the whiskey enthusiast’s alley, they have their Bespoke Gin.

Rabbit Hole’s Bespoke Gin immediately separates itself from the pack. Many are used to a clear spirit, analogous to a vodka. However, Bespoke is a light golden color, and we know what that means: barrel aging.

Bespoke Gin is the best of both worlds in a single bottle, bridging the gap between whiskey and gin.

How, though?

The Finish

A picture of Rabbit Hole Bespoke Gin and Boxergrail Rye Whiskey

Bespoke is finished in whiskey barrels, plain and simple.

Gin has particularly pungent botanical and juniper flavors that have won over the palates of people worldwide. However, it’s also an acquired taste for some, leading to difficulties identifying with the classic liquor.

Rabbit Hole knew they needed to pick a nice and bold finish to complement the natural boldness of their gin. Hence, why they selected a rye whiskey finish.

Rye whiskey is notorious for its big and bold flavors. It can range from sweet and toasty to spicy and savory. However, Rabbit Hole’s Boxergrail Rye is a balanced but bold rye, embracing sweeter bourbon notes while carrying a bold and earthy core. This allows these stronger rye flavors to stand up to the natural bold flavors of gin.

The nose of the gin carries through a nice toasty oak note alongside earthy rye. The juniper and botanicals in the palate have been dampened. The strong rye spice, baking spices, roasted oak, and charred vanilla carry through and add a nice balance of savory and sweet that whiskey drinkers are likely used to.

These whiskey notes carry through, and allow the gin to be more accessible to people that may not have shied too far from whiskey.

It also opens the door for you to have a bit of fun experimenting with the pour.

A picture of Rabbit Hole Bespoke Gin and Boxergrail Rye Whiskey

Fun With Cocktails

The whiskey inflection in the gin paired alongside the botanical and juniper notes make for interesting mixology experiments.

We’ve tried mixing the gin into an old fashioned and added orange bitters and an extra cherry. It made a nice, fruity and floral cocktail that still has strong resemblance to a traditional old fashioned. Well, at least as close to one as you can get with gin.

Also, mixing the gin into something like a gimlet gives gin cocktails a nice extra depth to them. The lime cuts through and allows the wood notes and baking spice to shine, making it more of a baked lime pie approach.

Overall, we think Bespoke Gin is a great “entry gin” for whiskey drinkers. If you’d like to see where to grab a bottle, you can check by clicking here.

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