Black Button Pre-Prohibition Is A Delicious Taste of History

Black Button Distillers in Rochester, New York, is well known for its grain-to-glass approach to making quality New York spirits. From gin to bourbon cream, they produce a diverse portfolio of spirits and liqueurs that show their commitment to craft as well as their multifarious spirits experience and knowledge.

However, one of Black Button’s newest releases has us sipping history. They have released a Pre-Prohibition style straight bourbon whiskey that is as delicious as it is historic for the Rochester area.

New York was a massive producer of whiskey before prohibition reared its ugly head. And this whiskey gives you the opportunity to glimpse into a nearly extinct whiskey style. This is great for whiskey enthusiasts who take pride in diversifying their palates and exploring unique whiskeys.

The mash bill consists of 80% corn, 10% malted barley, and 10% rye for a sweet yet balanced taste, bold mouthfeel, and classic profile. You can view our tasting notes and thoughts below:

Tasting Notes

The nose is sweet and full with notes of butterscotch candies, cinnamon sticks, walnut, toasted marshmallow, and orange peel.

The palate carries the sweetness through with notes of butterscotch, charred caramel, and apple blossom before the more earthy tones of cinnamon spice, shaved walnut, black pepper, and tobacco pull through.

The finish is nice and long without being overly complex. Charred orange peel, toasted oak, black pepper, and caramel all balance nicely as the pour winds down.

Overall, the pour is bold without being hot and has a great mouthfeel without overcoating the palate.

This is a great bourbon to drink straight or over a sphere if it’s a touch too much for more novice whiskey drinkers. However, you don’t want to dilute the flavor too much as it’s already in a beautiful balance.

Overall, if you’re in the Rochester area or even just passing through, this is a pour worth stopping at their gift shop. You can learn more by clicking here.

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