Blue Note Crossroads

Spirit: Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Distillery: B.R. Distilling Co.

Aged: NAS (at least 4 years)

Price: $40

Proof: 100

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About B.R. Distilling:

“The oldest, licensed distillery in Memphis.

We are a craft spirits and beverage company with two flagship brands and a host of private label brands. Our products can be found in fine liquor stores, restaurants, and bars across the United States.”

About Blue Note Crossroads:

This unique expression combines the unmistakable boldness of Blue Note Bourbon with the sophistication of the finest, toasted French oak curated from an artisan cooperage in Centre-Val De Loire.

Taste in every sip the unforgettable intersection of notes that embody the inherent spirit of the blues. The sounds and movements of the blues were meant to break the rules.

This is Blue Note Crossroads.

  • Nose
  • Palate
  • Finish
  • Heat Vs. Proof
  • Value

Notes & Review

Nose: Clean, pronounced nose. Notes of toasted oak, sherry, sweet corn, stone fruit, and deep caramel. 

Palate: Off-dry sweetness, with a smooth and watery texture, medium flavor. 

Toasted oak swarms the front end of the palate. If you’re a fan of woody bourbons, this is up your alley.  Burnt caramel, honeysuckle, leather, tobacco, and allspice with a hint of clove round out after the initial oak bomb wears off. 

Finish: Medium length and simple finish consisting of charred oak, dry sherry, ripe banana, baking spice, leather, and tobacco. 

Review: Blue Note has catapulted themselves from relative obscurity to one of the more well-known brands in a staggeringly short period of time. And, I have to say, for good reason. 

Their pours are solid. 

Juke Joint was the first Blue Note I was introduced to, but this newest addition of Crossroads really amps up the wood flavor and wears the 100 proof on the bottle incredibly well. I am a huge fan of heavily wooded bourbons, and this one hits that note so very well. The finish in the toasted French oak adds a nice, mellow “roasted” flavor that is prominent in the pour before fading into the traditional charred oak profile. It’s a nice crisscross of oak flavors. 

Also, the pour, at 100 proof, definitely drinks less hot than many other 100 proofs we’ve reviewed. In a blind, I’d say it might be put between 92 and 95 proof, meaning it drinks a solid 5-8 points smoother than average. 

If you’re a fan of big wood flavor, you definitely need to give Crossroads a shot! And, at $40, it’s definitely a value buy.

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