Blue Run 14 Year Bourbon

Spirit: Blue Run Straight Kentucky Bourbon

Distillery: Blue Run Spirits

Aged: 14 Years

Price: About $199

Proof: 113

Blue Run Website

About the Distillery:

We wouldn’t be here without the distillers of yore who dedicated their lives to the art of whiskey. But it’s time to push the dusty labels aside and make room on the top shelf for bourbon’s new pioneers. Our super-premium batches and infusions marry modern flavor with the same master craftsmanship shared by the greats.

We were founded as an ideal. We wanted to create a super-premium bourbon that tasted so rich and smooth it would entice a new generation of enthusiasts, as well as satisfy the most discerning aficionado. The banks of Kentucky’s Royal Spring — what cofounder Jesse McKnight called the “Blue Run” as a kid — with its pure, limestone-filtered water, seemed like the perfect place to start. After all, as the birthplace of bourbon in 1789, the place is steeped in more than two centuries of distilling history. And now, it’s where bourbon is being reborn.

About Blue Run:

Even before the first hint touches your lips, you’ll know this super-premium bourbon is different. Vibrant. With a subtly enhanced flavor profile and smooth finish that’s at once tantalizing and welcoming. Savor it neat, or as the foundation of our bespoke cocktails. This is the bottle you’ll reach for every time.

It is the bold and distinctive Kentucky Bourbon for bold and distinctive whiskey drinkers. Steeped in heritage. Impeccably crafted. Aged to perfection. This is the future of bourbon.

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Notes & Review

Appearance: Clear & deep brown Nose: Clean nose with a medium aroma full of butterscotch, popcorn, burnt sugar, deep baked caramel, and a light floral and acetone note. Palate: Medium sweetness with a mouthfilling body and medium flavor intensity. Notes of butterscotch, baking spice, and oak against light tones of maple, pink pepper, red berry compote, and ripe banana. Finish: Medium finish with simple complexity. Deep baked caramel, toffee, and roasted oak. Review: Blue Run has been taking the internet by storm. Those who are lucky enough to get their hands on a full bottle have seemingly become converts. Luckily, we were able to snag a sample from our local watering hole at Whiskey Willy’s. The love doesn’t go unjustified, however. The bottle is beautifully crafted and the pour is some really great juice. Blue Run 14 year bourbon has a nice balance to it between sweet, fruity, and savory that really nails it. I’m typically a fan of whiskeys that are confident in their identity. For example, a sweet whiskey that really embraces the sweet characteristics or a balanced whiskey that maintains a clean and even-keel approach to it’s aromas and flavors rather than treading somewhere in the void between two prominent characteristics. Luckily, Blue Run manages to live within the sweet spot of a difficult balancing act. 14 years of age can do a lot to pull a whiskey out of balance, and we know older doesn’t always necessarily mean better. But, Blue Run seems to wear the age well and it helps develop some more complex flavors in the palate while still remaining relatively straightforward. If you see a bottle and have the cash to spend, it’s a great pickup at $200. It’ll definitely be great juice, but it’s also a great aesthetic for your whiskey shelf as well.

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