Early “White Dog” Whiskey

When whiskey was first distilled in colonial America, it was stored in pots or jugs. It was clear and tasted heavily of alcohol and sweet corn without the wide variety of flavor variations we have today. This was called “white dog” whiskey. It wasn’t until later when whiskey started being traded with other countries that re-used barrels were used to store whiskey. That was when the techniques used to make the amber barrel-aged whiskey we know and love today was discovered.

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We have another local sponsor! Whiskey Willy’s has graciously extended their hand in whiskey-based friendship.

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Happy 2018 from Whiskey Culture

Sometimes it’s not the price, the rarity, or the age, but who you share it with that matters. It’s the laughs, the memories, the shenanigans, and the friendships built that define the pour.

From Whiskey Culture to you, happy 2018.

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Whiskey Culture is pleased to announce our first local sponsor, Repeal 18. They will be providing weekly samples offered up for review!

We have been fans of their incredible specialty cocktails and extensive whiskey selection for a long time. We are extremely excited to work closely with them to provide you with a continuous stream of quality and honest reviews.