Glacio – Clear Sphere Duo

Concept: The Glacio Clear Sphere Duo seeks to make having clear cocktail ice spheres an affordable household staple for whiskey lovers everywhere. They have created a way to make clear ice straightforward and simple.

Appearance: The Clear Sphere Duo ends up fitting nicely into our freezer on most shelves. It is three pieces, the two halves of the silicone mold come together and nestle into the main body of the Glacio Clear Sphere Duo.

Usage: You are supposed to place warm water into the main body of the system up to a mark. Then you are supposed to put the two halves of the mold together and lower the sphere mold into the body. The water comes up through and some collects in the overflow dip on the top of each sphere to ensure a full and complete sphere.

It takes an average of 24 hours (they recommend no longer than 30) to create the clear and solid spheres. After, you simply wiggle the silicone mold from the body of the unit, pull apart the mold, and remove your spheres. We found them to be cloudy with “ice dust”, but when water or whiskey is poured over it, that comes right off and leaves it beautiful.

Conclusion: We found the clear sphere duo to work surprisingly well. When you go to nice bars, they usually buy their ice from a local manufacturer, or have invested in a system to make them at volume for their customers.

There are few things as nice as having a crystal clear cube sitting in a cocktail, especially a special recipe of your own design made while entertaining to give it that extra “wow” factor. We would definitely recommend the Clear Sphere Duo to hardcore whiskey lovers, and those who are looking to step up their ice game and take their cocktail presentation to another level without too much hassle.

You can buy it here.

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Duke Cannon – Buffalo Trace Cologne Review

Duke’s Buffalo Trace Soap

Today we’d like to review Duke’s Buffalo Trace collaboration body soap.

I have to admit. I was a little skeptical of this soap actually being more than a money-grab attempt hinged on the Buffalo Trace craze that’s left shelves empty across the country. However, I’m pleased to report that isn’t the case here.

The packaging clearly capitalizes on the collaboration between themselves and Buffalo Trace, really playing into the oh-so-popular “barrel aged” scent selling-point. Though, the scent itself isn’t as woody as I’d have thought with that being the primary scent. I’m pleased to report that it actually has a lot more depth than just your standard 2-D wood-scented soap.

It has a nice vanilla and wheated smell to it, typical of buffalo trace products. If you’ve ever been to a distillery and noted that sweet mash scent dearly associated with quality bourbons, it reminds me of that. There are notes of oak, but they sit behind the sweet mash scent as more of an afterthought than the primary driver.

The soap itself is pretty standard for bar soap outside of the wonderful bourbon smell. Not too many ingredients, no fancy moisturizer or gimmick other than the scent. The soap leaves you feeling completely clean, as this soap absolutely destroys body oil.

Would I recommend? Yes. For the price, if you’re a bourbon lover like we are, starting your day closing your eyes and surrounding yourself with the scent of sweet mash and envisioning your next distillery trip isn’t the worst way to start the day.

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