Warehouse C – Colonel E.H. Taylor

Buffalo Trace is rolling out a new E.H. Taylor expression from everyone’s favorite rickhouse this summer, Warehouse C. As you may or may not know, this aging house has gained some notoriety for its amazing products it produces. Warehouse C has always been a focal point on the Buffalo Trace campus, for tours and for whiskey production. Cherished since its construction in 1881, Warehouse C has produced a litany of renown products over the course of its lifetime. Most infamous of them all being the highly sought after and limited E.H. Taylor Tornado Survivor, one of the shining examples of literally taking the silver lining from a tornado cloud.

If you’re an avid bourbon consumer, you know and have faith that Buffalo Trace knows how to produce an amazing product that is certainly made to be appreciated and this release looks like it will continue to fit that bill.

“We know Col. Taylor had a lot of pride and affection for Warehouse C, as evidenced by his attention for detail, especially on the exterior with the architectural features. Fortunately, it’s a really good aging warehouse for bourbon too, so not only does the warehouse look good, it produces some of our best whiskies. This year’s release of the Warehouse C bourbon is no exception.”

– Master Distiller Harlen Wheatley.

This release looks to retail at $69.99 USD this June. Good luck to all you bourbon hunters out there looking to get a dram of this for summer. Check out Buffalo Trace’s website here.

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