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Stanahan's Diamond Peak Whiskey Review From Colorado

Stranahan’s Diamond Peak 2022

Colorado staple, Stranahan's, has created a delicious combination of premium Colorado whiskey finished in Bushmills Single Malt Casks.

Laws Whiskey Bonded Four Grain Bourbon 8 Year

Laws Whiskey House has been turning up delicious Colorado whiskey for over a decade. The 8 Year Four Grain is one of the newest entries.

Colorado Distilleries Strike Double-Gold At SFWSC

Colorado Distilleries have been killing it lately. They've quickly broken the narrative that all good spirits are made in Kentucky.

What Gives Whiskey Its Taste? (Part II)

Today, we discuss the last three factors that effect whiskey flavor: distillation, maturation, and bottling.

What Gives Whiskey Its Taste? (Part I)

10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Co. distiller, Jeremy DeWitt, discusses with us how different factors give whiskey its taste!

10th Mountain: A Tale of Three Grains

10th Mountain Whiskey & Sprit Co. have been distilling Colorado spirits for over a decade. But, why did they select the grain they use?