A picture of Dark Door Spirits new Hickory and Mesquite Rum release in Tampa, FL.

Dark Door Spirits is Making A Rum For BBQ Lovers

Dark Door Spirits Mesquite Rum

Dark Door Spirits in Tampa, FL is known for making spirits that aren’t traditionally… well… traditional. However, they take those untraditional spirits and really elevate them to new heights, converting “I don’t like that” people into “hey, that’s pretty good” people.

Enter their new rum releases.

While we haven’t run into many people who don’t like rum (though we’re sure you’re out there… somewhere), Dark Door has done what it’s good at yet again, taken an unconventional approach to a classic. And, we have to tell you, it’s pretty darn good.

The rum carries through a lighter, crisper sweet molasses and honey note with undertones of vanilla and brown sugar banana. However, that’s where the similarities stop.

Dark Door Spirits Hickory Rum

Their release diverges into two paths, Hickory and Mesquite. Each has their own unique flavor and both have nice deep wooded notes that help cross the bridge into the realm of more whiskey-centric flavors.

In addition to the mesquite and hickory notes, you also get some of the classic vanilla and baking spices that whiskey is so well known for, making it a nice bridge between the two.

From the initial nosing, you can pretty well discern that these rums are going to carry a significant amount of it’s specified flavor, but, it’s done in such a way that it elevates the whole thing into a unique and enjoyable experience rather than seeming “gimmicky.”

These rums, while enjoyable on their own, also open up a whole new world of cocktails for you to enjoy.

Dark Door Spirits Rum Release Party

While “hickory” or “mesquite” infused rum aren’t something you’re likely to find as an ingredient in a cocktail book, you can have plenty of fun crafting them with some great pairing flavors. Try a “hickory rum old fashioned” or a “mesquite, peach, and ginger smash.”

If you find one that’s really good, make sure you tag Dark Door Spirits with the recipe!

Dark Door Spirits’ release party will be July 17th from 4pm-7pm and they are encouraging tiki attire to really set the mood.

We’re going to be there and we hope you will be too!

For those of you unable to attend, make sure to stop by after to pick up a bottle of this unique rum release!

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