Dark Door’s Got The Gifts

The holidays can be a trying time. While the actual holiday itself can be a great and fun time, thinking about what to get your loved ones can be a source of stress.

Dark Door Spirits is hoping to make that decision easy for you: “booze.”

They are known for having a solid line of regular pours. However, Dark Door is known for pushing the envelope with their special releases. They also have a number of brand new limited edition offerings this season, alongside some old favorites they’ve broken out of the vault for an encore appearance.

A Bottle of Ibisco Bitter which is a Florida Amaro Bitter

Ibisco Bitter

Amaro is Italian for “bitter.” Though that may not sound appealing at first, it’s an incredibly delicious and layered experience that can be enjoyed by itself or mixed into a cocktail.

It is traditionally made using liquor or spirit and spices, herbs, roots, and flowers. History points to Rome being the first place Amaro was enjoyed by using wine to leech the medicinal qualities of herbs. Then, later, monks and traveling doctors used spirits which were more widely available than wine.

Today, it’s enjoyed as a unique and drinkable piece of history.

This Dark Door expression focuses on Florida flavors, like strawberry, hibiscus, and citrus, to make a great gift for spirits or history enthusiasts in your circle.

You can get a bottle for $40 at the distillery or by clicking here.

A bottle of Amaro Tropicale Liqueur which is a Florida tropical flavored Amaro with pineapple.

Amaro Tropicale Liqueur

Another Amaro that Dark Door has in for this season would please those who are fans of more fruity cocktails and beverages.

This Amaro has little in common with the bitter and herby medicinal concoctions of yesteryear.

The Amaro Tropicale embraces everything it means to be Floridian. Notes of pineapple, coconut, and allspice will transport you to a place laden with ocean breezes, warm sands, and the sounds of rolling ocean waves.

You can buy it at the distillery for $40 or by clicking here.

World’s Best Dad

A bottle of world's best dad bourbon whiskey barrel select pick by Dark Door Spirits for Christmas and Holiday Present Shopping.

This bottle was an absolute hit on Father’s Day. They sold the stock they allocated for the holiday with breakneck speed.

However, it seems they held some deep in the vault for us this holiday season. Dads are hard to shop for. Let’s be real. However, getting something that literally says “World’s Best Dad” on it, is delicious, and is 100 proof? That makes the job easier. Much easier.

This is a special release bourbon that’s sure to please and nicely balanced at 100 proof. That’s a popular proof that nicely balances flavor and heat, giving the whiskey a good backbone without it being too hot. However, you can be the judge of that!

Get dad something he’ll love this season and support a local distillery. That’s a no-brainer!

Get a bottle for $85 at the distillery. Also, you can learn more or order a bottle by clicking here.

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