Devil’s River – “Beef & Leaf” SB

Quick Stats:

Distiller: Devil’s River Distillery

Spirit: Straight Bourbon

Aged: NAS (Minimum 2 yrs)

Price: Around $49.99

Proof: 128

Devil’s River Website

Davidoff Tampa Website

Bern’s Steak House Website

About The Distillery
“Exceptionally pure water. That’s what makes Devils River Whiskey the decorated, smooth small batch whiskey you enjoy today. Legendary Texas Ranger, John Coffee Hays, named this powerful waterway the ‘Devils River’ in 1840, and from his ingenuity, our namesake was born. The naturally-filtered limestone spring water is considered the purest water in Texas. The iron-free, sweet spring water is ideal for crafting an unrivaled Sinfully Smooth Whiskey. It’s purity unmasks all the delightful nuances we worked tirelessly to emphasize in every sip. Here’s to living a life that’s never short of extraordinary. Devils River Whiskey.”

About The Bottle
“Devils River Bourbon is high-rye Whiskey. Dialing back on the corn and doubling up on the rye, our bourbon has that wonderful “bite” that high-rye whiskeys are celebrated for. Experience a bold start followed by a medley of oak, honey, and caramel that lead to a warm and sweet sinfully smooth finish.”

  • Nose
  • Palate
  • Finish
  • Heat vs Proof
  • Value

Notes & Review

Nose: The nose is so disarming in this dram. There is a beautiful apple spice note that plays on the front along with some honey spiced baked pear, toasted oak, sweet rye, and fermented rice.  

Palate: The palate is bold. That sweet rye spice and fermented rice (think sake) carries through the nose and dominates the front of the dram. It fades into an intensely sweet spiced orange blossom honey, and vanilla spice. It’s only after these sweeter notes subside that we have a more mixed profile of dry roasted oak, baking spice, stewed winter fruits, dried dates, and sugared raisins. 

Finish: Sharp sweet and spiced rye funk with notes of oatmeal porter, honey malt, cinnamon stewed pear, and charred oak.


Review: I know people use the term “flavor bomb” to explain bold and flavorful pours (me included). 

However, this time I really have to use the term and mean it with all my palate. This pour is a FLAVOR BOMB. 

The proof on the bottle says 128, which is absolutely flabbergasting considering how smooth the pour is. That isn’t to say that it lacks boldness, because it absolutely is a wall of complex flavors that you have to peel apart over a few sips. 

There’s definitely a funky and sweet rye note that carries through the entire pour. But, that rye is so unique in its taste that I can’t help but keep focusing on it throughout the pour. 

Though, dancing around that strong central theme are a complex dance of other flavors pulling your tastebuds between waves of sweet and savory. 

Overall, a great pour that I’m happy to have tried. I’d never had Devil’s River before, but it definitely won’t be the last time I have it.

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