Duke Cannon – Buffalo Trace Cologne Review


Our Review

Duke Cannon has released a Buffalo Trace “Solid Cologne” Balm. If you read our review of their soap, you’ll know we’re very happy with our first run-in with their product.

There’s nothing quite like waking up and taking a shower in what smells like a woody distillery mash room.

The balm itself is quite straightforward. It has very much the same scent as the soap, but a little less woody and a little more of that sweet mash scent. It’s a unique aroma that we find quite pleasing as whiskey lovers, but also got compliments on from others who are less bourbon-inclined, meaning you’re not going to go around smelling like an actual bottle of booze.

We found the balm a little weird to use, since we’ve never used solid cologne. It has a little bit of that weird oily-waxy feel that most balm has, but once its on and rubbed in, it’s really not noticeable.

We found the scent to stay somewhat consistent for about 4-6 hours which is typical of cologne products, so you don’t have to worry about it fading the second you walk out the door.

Overall, we liked it and would recommend it for the hardcore bourbon lover who wants to show off their love for America’s Spirit in a unique way.

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