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Quick Stats:

Spirit: EH Taylor Small Batch

Distiller: Buffalo Trace

Aged: NAS but it’s Bottled In Bond so it’s at least 4 years old

Price: $40-45

Proof: 100

Buffalo Trace Website

About The Distillery:

For over 200 years, our Distillery has been defined by a dedication to one craft: making fine bourbon whiskey. By honoring tradition and embracing change, Buffalo Trace Distillery has earned its place of leadership among the legendary spirits makers of the world. Take a look at this time honored craft from start to finish. Throughout the challenges of floods, fires, tornadoes and even Prohibition, the American family-owned Buffalo Trace Distillery has never compromised. A timeless dedication to respecting the past while fearlessly innovating for the future has served us well for more than two centuries. No matter the challenge, be it Mother Nature or man, the people of our Distillery have been part of the story that shaped America and the spirit industry as well.

About The Bottle:
As founding father of the bourbon industry, Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr. left an indelible legacy. His dedication to distilling began at the close of the Civil War when he purchased O.F C. Distillery. There, he developed innovative techniques that are still in use today. EH Taylor Small Batch made by hand. It ages inside century old warehouses. Being over a hundred years old, these warehouses were constructed by E.H. Taylor, Jr.  We evaluate and select barrels to create a perfect blend of distinctive character that is like no other. This E.H. Taylor Small Batch bourbon is a true sipping bourbon that honors the uncompromising legacy of E.H. Taylor, Jr.

  • Nose
  • Palate
  • Finish
  • Proof Vs Heat
  • Value

Notes & Review

Nose: A sweet nose with an ethanol tingle that comes with a 100 proof but not enough to send your head reeling back like an unwarranted attempted kiss from an elderly relative. Sweet cream corn that has been heated up in a pan that was recently used to melt caramel in. Approachable and enticing. 

Palate: Warm palate with notes of pepper and baking spices. Hints of a fruitiness in the background as well, some peach and licorice.

Finish: The finish really goes to that peppery aspect and finishes dry with some tobacco and leather but it doesn’t overtake the other parts of the tasting as some bourbons do.


Alright, it’s E.H. Taylor small batch. If you haven’t had this and you’re reading this review, go get a pour of it somehow. Grab one at your local bar, pick up a bottle (only around msrp of course) or walk around Buffalo Trace Distillery, Glencairn in hand and hope for a barrel to fall off a truck. This bottle doesn’t break the bank and the juice justifies the entry ticket at around 45 bucks a pop. It’s a classic, it continues to stack up against the best others have to offer and it comes with a nifty tube you can use to smack people over the head with who ask you why you buy so much whiskey. The bottle is also fancy looking enough to make you look distinguished and affluent as opposed to having a drinking problem when you break it out at 11am on a Tuesday and someone sees it in the background of your zoom meeting (at least that what I tell myself).

The nose is lovely, makes you reminisce about why you love drinking whiskey. It shouts its flavors at you but doesn’t knock out your sense of smell like some other punchy noses do. Palate is similar to the nose in the aspect of approachable and enticing. It’s a bourbon you can leave mellow over your tongue without feeling like you told a lie in the dark ages and now you have a hot coal being shoved down your throat. Peppered peach protrudes primarily from the palate. It takes these notes and draws them out in the finish. Focusing on the pepper which eventually turns into a tobacco that was culled via a well aged leather harvester.

This pour is one of the all around complete packages that satisfies pretty much everything a bourbon can and should be. Beautiful amber color, prominent nose without too much of an ethanol burn from a 100 proof, a hearty but not overwhelming palate and a finish that doesn’t drown out the memory of the palate but slowly fades away. What I’m saying is, if you want to practice drinking a whiskey in an analytical style like we do for our reviews this might be your easiest one to do so with. Don’t hesitate to grab this if you get the chance, it’s a pour for newbies and the seasoned alike.

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