Experiencing Jeptha Creed Distillery

This spring we were able to get an inside look at Jeptha Creed Distillery and its newly renovated barrel tasting experience. Jeptha Creed Distillery is Right off of 64 in Shelbyville, KY. As a result, it is hard to miss and in prime position to become one of Kentucky’s distillery landmarks. The campus has a modern farm/rustic atmosphere and was an inviting reprieve from the overcast during our visit.

Pictured below is a brief overview of the facility from the outside.

Stepping through the entryway, you’re first greeted by the sight of bourbon and all goodies Jeptha has to offer. The entrance connects to their giftshop and bar. You can saddle right up to the bar and enjoy every unique expression Jeptha Creed produces. Believe it or not, you can book a tasting at that bar for free! Yes, you read that correctly, F-R-E-E. Jeptha Creed wants to make sure you can try their products and leave with something that you know you’ll relish. Which I commend them for. Whiskey is for sharing and enjoying. What better way to do that than doling out some samples for your friends? You definitely don’t feel like a customer in the environment they have established at the distillery.

Now for the newest addition to the Jeptha Creed tasting experience, their barrel tasting.

This was a novel one for us and we have been on one or two tastings in our time writing this blog. Their barrel tasting tour is a quick jaunt to their indoor/outdoor rickhouse lined with luxurious, reclining leather chairs surrounded by barrels. The main fixture of this room is an opened and ready to be thieved barrel. Grabbing a sample straight out of a barrel is honestly pretty rare for the general public to be able to do unless you happen to be buying a barrel yourself or with a group. Jeptha opening this experience up for one of their tours is an awesome addition and gives you a window into what it’s like to sample the purest form of their end product, char and all.

Swing by this distillery, if you have an hour or two to spare or even a few minutes. You can tag along on a barrel tasting tour or stop in for a few samples at the bar. They have something for everyone and quite a surprising list of products for a relatively new distillery. Check out their story by clicking here. Keep an eye out for our upcoming episode of The Rickhouse featuring Jeptha Creed as well.

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