Five Cool Facts About Bourbon

1. It’s America’s Native Spirit

In May of 1964, the United States Congress declared that bourbon was “a distinctive product of the United States” and gave it the title of America’s Native Spirit.

This means that bourbon can only be made in the United States and that it has officially been recognized for its historical and cultural impact in America.

2. It Doesn’t Have to Be From KY

Many people mistakenly believe that bourbon HAS to be made in Kentucky. While Kentucky produces the vast majority of bourbon, it can be made from anywhere in the United States.

Colorado and Texas are two states where bourbon is booming, and distilleries are becoming known for their quality whiskey.

3. Bourbon Has Standards

There are a bunch of standards for Bourbon. This is what differentiates it from the general whiskey category.

Craft distilleries like Laws Whiskey House are creating even more historical expressions like Bottled-In-Bond Four Grain Bourbon, which adhere to even stricter standards than a traditional bourbon.

4. Bourbon Is Clean

One of the regulations bourbon has to adhere to says it can’t have additives other than the grain and the water used to make and proof it. That’s an awesome thing for bourbon fans!

This means that each sip of bourbon you take is pure and free from anything you wouldn’t want to be drinking. Where other spirits can contain artificial flavors or colors, bourbon is free of all that!

5. They Are All Different

Much like wine, bourbon can be drastically different from each other. While 51% of the bourbon must be corn (and there are hundreds of different kinds of corn), the rest can be whatever mash bill the distiller wants. This means that pretty much each brand of bourbon is very different.

It’s a lot of fun to try different kinds and take notes to see how different they are!

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