Four Roses – Limited Edition 2019

  • Distillery: Four Roses Distillery
  • Spirit: Bourbon
  • Aged: Blend of 21 OBSV, 15 OESK, 15 OESV, & 11 OESV
  • Proof: 112.6
  • Purchase Price: $134.99

From the Distiller:  “Non-chill filtered and bottled at a 112.6 proof, the 2019 Limited Edition Small Batch marks the first Four Roses limited-quantity bottling to feature a 21-year-old Bourbon which is from the distillery’s OBSV recipe. This release will also feature a 15-year-old OESK, 15-year-old OESV and 11-year-old OESV.”


Review & Score

Nose: Light notes of roasted oak, stewed vanilla red berry compote, and chestnuts

Palate: Vanilla custard up front followed by stewed fruits. Citrus and leather fade into a thin note of wood and baking spices.

Body: Not too hot, but definitely bold. 

Finish: The finish is more mellow and primarily savory with more notes of pie crust and oak with a hint of honey. 

Conclusion: This is a great release by Four Roses. Definitely one to be proud of. For such a bold pour, and a higher proof than some may be used to, its incredibly smooth and conveys the subtle notes of fruit and vanilla very well. The berry compote was really surprising on the nose, as such a delicate scent is usually rough-housed by the proof and more bold scents. We thoroughly enjoyed our pour, opting for a second round much to the detriment of our wallet. Absolutely worth scoring a bottle or trying it at a bar around the $25-30 price point. 

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