Garrison Brothers Distillery Whiskey Bourbon Honeydew

Garrison Brothers HoneyDew


Garrison Brothers Distillery – Hye, TX

Straight Bourbon Whiskey Infused with Honey

Unstated Mash Bill

80 Proof (40% ABV)

NAS (Minimum of 2 Years)

Garrison Brothers Distillery Website

Garrison Brothers Bourbon HoneyDew

Garrison Brothers whiskey is marked by its strong character and wood-forward profile. However, in a very counter-intuitive approach, their HoneyDew whiskey scales this down considerably. It is a much softer profile and is full of sweetness and soft flavors rather than its usual big, swinging characteristics.

So, we’re excited to share with you all our review of Garrison Brothers HoneyDew whiskey.

  • Nose
  • Palate
  • Finish
  • Heat vs Proof

Notes & Review

Nose: Hawaiian sweet rolls and ripe peach on the nose. A light honey and vanilla cream scent follows.

Palate: Fresh mixed berries, wildflower honey, roasted oak, ripe peach.

Finish: Charred oak, semi-sweet chocolate, and ripe peach.


Overall, it’s a very different profile than any other of Garrison Brothers’ expressions. 

It’s definitely for those who love sipping on a very light and easy-to-drink whiskey. It’s still carrying a lot of character at 80-proof, but not so much heat. Personally, I enjoy a bit of backbone and heat to my pour, but you have to understand that at that proof you just aren’t going to get it. 

However, it’s great for what it is: a very sippable and unique entry into their lineup.

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