Gramling Woods Wheat Whiskey

  • Nose
  • Palate
  • Finish

Notes & Review

Nose: Toasted buckwheat, caramel, chocolate malt, oolong tea, brown butter, white peppercorn.

Palate: Smooth, approachable, full mouthfeel with notes of toasted wheat, baking spice, semi-sweet chocolate, baked vanilla, and butterscotch.

Finish: Dry, short, malty finish with notes of torched oak, baking spice, and brown butter.  



Wheat whiskey is an expression that has achieved somewhat of a cult status amongst whiskey drinkers, and for good reason. The earthy toasty notes combined with the smooth drinkability brought by the wheat make it a flavorful and approachable expression. And, we are pleased to say that Tarpon Springs Distillery has gotten the memo about creating something both delicious and easy to drink. Their wheat expression definitely packs in the flavor, yet drinks incredibly smooth at 100 proof. I very much enjoyed the combination of earthy flavors and rich, sweet undertones that do well to complement each other rather than compete for dominance. Sometimes when you get these types of expressions there can be conflicting flavors that throw the pour off, but not here with this Graming Woods Wheat Whiskey expression. Tarpon Springs Distillery is notorious for being a craft distillery that does two things well: experiment heavily with its expressions before it puts one out (some of them are crazy like their smoked mullet “triple jump” gin) and stand fully behind the outstanding quality of the expressions they do put out. Here, you can see they focused on the foundations of creating a simple, flavorful, and approachable wheat whiskey that is sure to delight both veteran and newer whiskey enthusiasts alike. This expression is limited, as Tarpon Springs is a craft distillery that focuses on small batch products so I would recommend requesting it at your local liquor store sooner rather than later. Or, if you’re in the Tampa Bay or Tarpon Springs area, go give them a visit and try an assortment of their products. They have an incredible selection there with some well-crafted yet less-common expressions, such as their Aquavit or Ouzo. Go check out their socials and give them a follow!

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