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Guidance Whiskey Highlights It’s Community

A picture of Guidance Whiskey in a bottle next to a Guidance Whiskey glass.

Guidance Whiskey’s major focus is on the community that has been carefully cultivated around it.

They are constantly doing events and showing up in and out of their home city, Nashville. However, they are now taking their engagement with the community into the digital space by featuring its members on their blog, which was just recently awarded a spot in the “Top 25 Whiskey Blogs.”

Guidance is becoming a voice. Not just for those who make and market whiskey, but for those who enjoy it and wish to learn more about it. They are becoming a space where everyone’s voices can be heard and shared with thousands of others in a judgement-free environment. That’s something the whiskey community could use more of.

A picture of Guidance Whiskey owner Jason Ridgel who is holding two bottles of Guidance Whiskey while wearing a Guidance Whiskey shirt.

Jason Ridgel, Guidance Whiskey’s owner, has always been one for collaboration. He lives the mantra “a rising tide raises all ships” as he is constantly trying to be of benefit to those around him and share his positivity and passion with the community.

“We want to focus on the community. The community is everything to us.” Jason said. “We don’t want to be a place where we just push our own opinions. We want to be a place where we can highlight and celebrate everyone’s opinions.”

That’s a pretty unique approach for a brand to take. Most brands publish all their own content and highlight certain media outlets that cast them in a favorable light, but Jason wants to give his community an unfiltered voice.

“It doesn’t even have to be about Guidance specifically.” He said. “We just want them to spread different views about whiskey and have those articles positively contribute to the community.”

That just shows Jason and Guidance Whiskey’s commitment to the community, and their commitment to using their influence to be a platform for all.

“From day one, we’ve been about the community. This is just the next step towards keeping that commitment alive and making not just about us, but about everyone.”

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