High West Bourye

High West Bourye

This is one of those whiskeys that I’d heard good hype about, but have never gotten around to trying. Our friends over at Repeal 18 were kind enough to give me a sample to run through the ‘ol washer. Honestly, I’m always skeptical about whiskeys with a lot of hype.

Spirit Info:

  • Distillery: High West Distillery
  • Spirit: Blended Straight Whiskey
  • Aged: Blend (minimum 9 years)
  • Proof: 92
  • Purchase Price: $69.99

Nose: Light and airy. Not at all what I expected for something medium amber colored. Strong scents of sweet corn and caramel. Hints of fresh wood shavings peaked through towards the end.

Palate: The same balanced, simple lightness found its way from the nose to the palate. I got orange peel, sweet corn, and fresh-cut wood came on strong and fade nicely. It was joined by a hint of caramel as it goes down.

Body: Light and simple with not a ton of heat.

Afterglow: The barrel flavor really begins to peak through here. Toasted corn husk & charred oak come through strong as well.

Conclusion: Honestly, it was a doggone good pour. It wasn’t exceptionally hot or charred. Good sweet-mash flavors come through and you get a lot straight-shot and pleasant flavors here. I thought that it wasn’t going to live up to its hype, but I was dead wrong. Completely worth the price.

Grade: A


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