High West – Double Rye SB “Beef n Leaf” 2021

Quick Stats:

Distiller: High West

Spirit: Straight Rye Whiskey Blend (Finished For 7 Months in Macvin Barrels)

Aged: 2+ Years

Price: Around $54.99

Proof: 98.2

High West Website

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About The Distillery
“High West began with humble roots, opening a small, 250-gallon still and Saloon in an historic livery stable and garage. What was once a small operation in downtown Park City has grown to be an internationally-recognized brand with four unique locations.  In 2015, High West opened their distillery in Wanship, Utah, which acts as a space for educational whiskey tasting, pairings and tours, and houses a 1600-gallon copper pot still. Meanwhile, the Saloon continues to operate as a must-visit gastro-distillery, featuring alpine-inspired western fare alongside the original still, the Nelson Cottage offers unique whiskey-paired dinners, and the Saloon at the Salt Lake City airport allows for some last tastes of High West on the way out of town.”

About The Bottle
“We get asked all the time why “double” and why “!”? “Double,” because this whiskey is created from two rye whiskeys (both a minimum of 2 years old; see highwest.com for technical details and sourcing.). The exclamation point is to signify our aim with this whiskey: showcase the beauty that is rye and create the spiciest rye whiskey in the world. We think we did that. The younger rye (sourced by High West) is produced on a column still and tastes of cinnamon, clove, anise, eucalyptus buttons, and evergreen “gin-like” flavors. The older rye (distilled by High West) made using a pot still adds a richer, bolder character and just enough caramel sweetness and woody vanilla richness to calm the “bite” of the younger rye. The resulting combination is bold, balanced, complex and perfect for mixing. We recommend trying a Double Rye!® Manhattan or Old Fashioned – it’s also absolutely superb for sipping alone or sharing with other cowboys and good-looking strangers.”

  • Nose
  • Palate
  • Finish
  • Heat vs Proof
  • Value

Notes & Review

Nose: Damp pinewood and rye spice play on the front of the nose before lighter notes of green grape skin, toasted oak, vanilla spice, pink pepper, and clove pull through. 

Palate: The palate is light and airy for a brief second before the flavors rush in. Torched oak, toasted rye bread, winter spice, dried dates, sparkling grape juice, pear cider, baking spice, and black pepper.

Finish: Rye spice and charred oak pull through right after the bulk of the palate notes fade. There are lingering notes clove, evergreen, black pepper, and tobacco that slowly fade off before a last surprising note of leather peaks right before the finish is through. 


Review: This pour was surprising on a number of levels. 

The Macvin barrel really adds a sweeter, crisper, and fruitier dimension that I didn’t expect from a high rye dram like Double Rye. The finish really balanced the pour; leading to a much more rounded experience. 

The nose was light, earthy, and sweet, not giving away the cascade of flavors that would soon come. 

The palate has a lot of crisp flavors that peak through and mute some of those more bold rye notes that typically dominate a lot of the mid-taste with heavy rye whiskies. 

The finish is surprising as it goes from savory, to light and earthy/floral sweet, and back to one last punch of savory on the leather note. 

Overall, it’s a beautifully complex pour that demonstrates how to balance out a whiskey with a finish rather than overpower it or accent it. 

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