Hooten Young at Davidoff Tampa

Davidoff of Geneva in Tampa, FL is notorious for throwing wonderful community events for both whiskey enthusiasts and cigar smokers (and those who enjoy both).

Their latest event we attended was in collaboration with Hooten Young Whiskey, a company formed from an idea over cigars on a cold winter evening.

Formed by Delta Force Master Sergeant, Norm Hooten, and Tim Young, the company seeks to bring a master-level experience to everything they pursue.

The concept of Hooten Young is, quite simply put, honor.

Honor for those who have come before. Honor for those who have sacrificed. Honor for their stories. Honor for those who keep their stories alive.

The brand’s message is to slow down, enjoy the bonds forming with those around you, and carry on the stories and spirit of those who can no longer tell their own story.

We here at Whiskey Culture understand how important stories are to our history. They define us, shape our legacies and history, and give us pause to think about how we want to live our lives as a basis for those who will eventually tell our stories.

And, to see a brand focusing so intensely on that single and undeniable reality is something genuinely compelling.

We were able to meet the owners, Norm, and Tim, and they have a love for life and whiskey that is clear and apparent.

They conduct themselves authentically within the scope of their brand, sharing stories and listening to others just as much or more than they shared them (even though it was their event).

The pours we tried were delicious.

Twelve-year aged whiskey out of Indiana should immediately perk the ears of most whiskey-lovers. And we’ll be darned if it isn’t well justified.

The pours carry with them a subtly and complexity that you might not expect for something twelve years old.

Sure, the traditional wooded profile is there, but so many subtle flavors (like lilac, candied orange, and spiced caramel) break through the veil and show up center stage.

To see a whiskey this old still command a flavor balance between bold and subtle like that, even at the higher proof of their barrel-proof entry, is extraordinary.

With that, we’d like to close with a thank you to Davidoff of Geneva for hosting the event, and to Tim and Norm for coming to Tampa and showing us a good evening.


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