Jameson Releases Orange Flavored Whiskey

A bottle of Jameson Orange Flavored Irish Whiskey

When you think of whiskey and orange, you’d be forgiven if your mind immediately conjured an image of an old fashioned garnished with an orange peel. However, what you most likely didn’t think of was a bottle of Irish whiskey.

Well, that’s exactly what Jameson is giving us. An orange-flavored whiskey in their signature green bottle.

Though, it might not be exactly what you’re thinking. According to Jameson, they focused on maintaining a whiskey-forward profile while keeping the natural sweet orange flavors more subtle. And, with it being bottled at 30% ABV (60 proof). While the general rule for something to be considered a spirit is at least 20% ABV, this seems to tread between a liquor and a liqueur.

“Taste is at the heart of every sip of Jameson produced,” said Kevin O’Gorman, Master Distiller at Irish Distillers. “Triple-distilled whiskey like ours involves a carefully crafted process, perfected since 1780. Jameson Orange builds on that craft and we are incredibly proud to share this exceptionally well-balanced Irish whiskey with both existing and new whiskey fans.”

They said that the goal of this release is to appeal to the surge of fans for flavored whiskey. They prefer the easier drink, lower proof, and wide variety of flavors available for their spirits. It’s basically becoming the next “flavored vodka” craze. They believe that keeping the strong whiskey backbone might also attract traditional whiskey drinkers.

The official release notes: “Jameson Orange can be enjoyed neat, on-the-rocks, and in a range of mixed drinks. It pairs perfectly with many simple serves including lemon-lime soda (Sprite®) or cranberry juice. It is equally delicious in a variety of craft cocktails.  With its signature taste and versatility of serves, it gives new and existing Jameson drinkers a refreshing new way to raise a glass together.”

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