Jim Beam Airbnb Promo Leaves Fans Scratching Their Heads

It had all the makings of an incredible promotional move by Jim Beam. A one night stay on the beam property. With it, all you can drink bourbon and a distillery tour. All of this, at the low price of $23, the same price as their Jim Beam black label. It was enough to make any bourbon lover ripe with desire.

However, the promotion left some scratching their heads.

The promotion was received with widespread interest, yet the distillery only gave two nights worth of availability for the rest of the year. The launch was supposed to be today, October 21st. However, it seems no one has stepped forth to claim that they have won what was supposed to be a mad dash to book the property.

Many users reported their furiously mashing the refresh button on Airbnb to try and score one of the two available nights, but were met with no availability and shortly after midnight an error message appeared stating that the listing is “no longer available.” At the time of this writing, we can confirm the error message. The listing still appears in the app but not online via computer.

The last tweet about it from Jim Beam was on October 15th, citing an article from travel and leisure which was covering their promotion.

We’re not exactly sure what has happened with the launch, but at the time of this article, there is no word or response from Jim Beam as to the status of their promotion, who won, or why the listing has been removed.

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