Knob Creek Single Barrel Select – Whiskey Willy’s

Quick Stats:

  • Distiller: Knob Creek
  • Spirit: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • Aged: 9 Years
  • Proof: 120
  • Purchase Price: $49.99
  • Knob Creek Website
  • Whiskey Willy’s Website
    About The Distillery & Bottle:
  • “When the very first bottle of Knob Creek was released, its mission was to restore whiskey to the way it was meant to be — patiently aged and full-flavored. This commitment not only helped Knob Creek overturn all the softer, milder, whiskeys on the market, it was also a major step toward making the small-batch whiskey movement what it is today.
    We don’t age our bourbon nine years and longer because we’re required to. We do it because the extra time and effort are well worth it. Under the care of seventh-generation distillers, minutes become days, the days become years and the years become bourbon. Refined enough to sip, yet strong enough to carry a cocktail. We call it Knob Creek.”
  • “Our distillers handpick exceptional barrels to be enjoyed in their full, unblended glory.”

About Whiskey Willy’s Tampa: “Whiskey Willy’s has been a Tampa staple for whiskey enthusiasts since before the recent whiskey craze. Offering a large selection of bourbons and a knowledgable staff, it’s a great place to pick up existing bottles or find a new favorite pour.”

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Notes & Review

Notes & Review

Nose: Caramel cream, rose hips, roasted almonds, vanilla chews, and baking spice

Palate: Cinnamon, red hots, campfire oak, leather, smoldered dark tobacco leaf, vanilla spice

Finish: Roasted oak, charcoal, creme brûlée crust


Review: Listen, we want to be critical, we really do. Everyone and their mother has a single barrel, as we discussed in our article “Rise of The Single Barrel.” It’s bringing a really cool dimension to the whiskey game and adds another layer of welcome variation to classic pours. 

However, they can’t all be the best. Fortunately for us, the Whiskey Willy’s pick was what we were hoping for.

Their selection of Knob Creek is unique in a few, but potent ways. Chiefly, the pour is an absolute flavor bomb while drinking way less than the heat a 120 proof would command. It drinks about 10 points softer than what it is, which is saying a lot since the proof-to-heat ratio on most bottles is exponential. This pour absolutely does nothing to sacrifice drivability for flavor. 

The nose is where it starts, and the nose is deceivingly delicate and light with dessert notes and baking spices. However, don’t be fooled, the actual dram packs a flavor punch, giving you something to chew on. While the nose is light and sweet, the palate is bold and savory. Notes of dark tobacco leaf would pair nicely with a cigar, and the leather, oak, and vanilla spice notes warm you up nicely. The finish is straightforward but delicious with dry roasted oak being the predominant wood flavor. There’s not a lot of “char” flavor to it, opening the finish up nicely to taste more delicate notes of sweet creme brûlée crust making it a nice, short, sweet, dry finish that gets you ready for the next sip. 

If you have the ability to snag one of these, it’s a great blend of sweet and savory that would do well on the whiskey shelf of veteran and novice connoisseurs alike. 

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