Kozuba & Sons, An American Tale

One of the most beautiful things about America is that we can be anything we want. If you want to be an Astronaut, you can work your way there. And, if you want to have one of Florida’s best distilleries, you can work your way there too.

Enter, Kozuba & Sons Distillery, which lay in the heart of St. Petersburg, Florida. Though, their story starts over 5,000 miles away in the Polish village of Jablonka, Poland.

Zbigniew “Papa” Kozuba, the progenitor of the Kozuba & Sons brand, was a retired biochemist and businessman. There, he began experimenting with cordials to pass the time. However, he had no idea that he was embarking on a new journey. One that would span continents.

The town absolutely loved his cordials. They couldn’t get enough of them. So much so that his sons Maciej and Jakub joined and together the family turned it into a business. Soon after, they began selling vodka to become the first family-owned and operated micro-distillery in post-war Poland.

But, Poland had a highly monopolized spirits industry where only a few large players were in control.

It was then, when they hit a growth wall, that the family decided to relocate to a place ready for good craft spirits. After carefully scouting different locations, they decided on St. Petersburg, Florida. It was a place primed for growth, with beautiful beaches, and a population thirsty for something different.

In 2014 they made a move and set up shop in their new location.

Since then, they have been creating delicious craft spirits. They have expanded into creating one of Florida’s best whiskeys, as well as a long line of cordials, vodkas, ready-to-drink cocktails, traditional liqueurs, and more.

It’s under the watchful eye of Papa, the stalwart leadership of Maciej, and the financial direction of Jakub that Kozuba has flourished. They are continuing to push the envelope and make delicious new spirits. Each carries with it the hallmark craft quality that makes their spirits so unique.

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