Kozuba & Sons Expands Their Whiskey Lineup

It’s often a big day when a craft distillery expands its lineup. It takes intense planning, testing, coordination, paperwork, and a whole lotta faith that it’s going to turn out the way they hope. However, one Saint Petersburg distillery did it not once, but three times all at once.

Kozuba & Sons Distillery is known for its insanely delicious array of vodkas, high-wheat rye whiskey, and single barrel program. Each of these expressions is rooted in respect of their Polish heritage. Though, they’ve never been one to shy away from innovation as well.

As of recently, they’ve undergone a huge expansion of their line. An agave-based spirit and amaro show just how wide their breadth of available spirits is growing. However, they’ve now also included a Small Batch Straight Rye Whiskey, a Double Oaked Cask Strength Rye, and a Family Selection 7-Year High Wheat Rye.

Straight Rye Whiskey

Proof: 90
Mash Bill: 100% Malted Rye

It’s the first batch of the remake of Kozuba’s Polish-made Mr. Rye whiskey. It has aged in full-sized American white oak barrels for 3.5 years.

Double Oaked Cask Strength

Proof: 110 Proof (Cask Strength)
Mash Bill: 100% Malted Rye

Aged 3 years in American white oak barrels. Finished in 30-gallon European oak after brandy barrels for 2 additional years

Family Selection 7-Year High Wheat Rye

Proof: 117 Proof (Cask Strength)
Mash Bill: 65% Rye, 35% Wheat

It’s a special selection of their popular high-wheat rye whiskey, aged in full-sized American white oak barrels for 7 years.

Each of the whiskeys they’ve released is delicious and unique in its own way. The straight rye would be great for fans of traditional and balanced ryes. The double oaked is a wonderful pour for fans of strongly wooded whiskies. The heavy oak and vanilla spice nicely balances the earthy boldness of the rye. The Family Selection is just good for everyone. It’s got a nice, earthy, “sweet and spiced” note to it that gives it a great and rounded profile.

If you’re in the area, go and give them a try! And while you’re at it, take a tour of their facility and learn about their unique history!

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