Header photo of a bottle of 7 year Kozuba & Sons limited release

Kozuba & Son’s Limited Edition Whiskey

Kozuba & Sons distillery in St. Pete Florida has been putting out a 7-year “high wheat rye whiskey” that’s been taking the local community by storm.

Bottle of Kozuba & Sons 7 year high wheat rye bourbon

A barrel pick of it was released, and suddenly people couldn’t get enough of this mild yet flavor-packed rye. Stores are lining up to get a single barrel. But, for those of you who are looking to get a barrel pick of your own without having to expend thousands of dollars to buy a barrel, Kozuba has a chance here for you!

However, there’s a catch.

The pick is hyper limited to just 70 bottles, meaning you’ll have to get there quick if you’re looking to score a personalized label.

But, you’re probably wondering how it tastes? We have a review you can see by clicking here, or, you can keep on reading for the Cliff Notes.

How Does Kozuba’s High Wheat Rye Taste?

The 7-yeah “High Wheat Rye” expression is delicious.

The nose on it is sweet and full of wood sugars, candied orange peel, vanilla, and baking spices.

The palate is more balanced than the nose would let on. Some classic bourbon flavors like black pepper, tobacco, and oak are balanced with a nice toasted rye spice profile. There are delicious undertones of baked molasses, brown sugar, and buttered honey-wheat toast that give it a nice and rounded profile.

Greg Sinadinos from Whiskey Culture holing a bottle of Kozuba & Sons 7 year high wheat rye whiskey

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this is a great opportunity to get your name on a delicious bottle of whiskey.

We have tried three different single barrels of the 7-year and none of them have failed to impress. They are also incredibly affordable at under $40 a bottle. In our opinion, this is one hell of a value buy.

There really aren’t many expressions that do create a mash focusing on wheat being the ballast to the boldness of the rye. And, for Kozuba & Sons it paid off taking that gamble on a relatively unused recipe.

We got a Whiskey Culture bottle, and it was a really cool feeling seeing your name on a bottle of whiskey. It’s just one of those really neat personal touches that make for an awesome conversation piece at a bottle share.

So, if you’re close to St. Pete, definitely swing through and grab yourself a custom bottle of their 7-year high wheat rye whiskey before it’s all gone!

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