Kozuba & Sons Releases 10-Year Whiskey

Kozuba & Sons is a craft distillery with a big heart in St. Petersburg, Florida. They’ve become notorious in the area for creating amazing, high-quality spirits. But, for Kozuba & Sons, it’s more than just the product; it’s everything the product stands for.

Kozuba & Sons originally started in Poland, where they distilled cordials and vodka due to popular demand. However, Poland was run primarily by spirits megaliths that didn’t want craft distilleries taking up too much of their market share. So, the Kozuba family made their way down to sunny Florida and set up shop in St. Petersburg.

The cool thing is that, while they’ve been making spirits in the sunshine state for the better part of a decade, some of their original distillation has still survived. Enter Kozuba & Sons’ new release of 10-year whiskey.

Kozuba & Sons 10 Year High Wheat Rye Whiskey St. Petersburg Florida

This piece of their history was originally distilled in Poland, aged there for three years, and then made the journey to the United States to continue aging in the humid heat of Florida. It extracts a lot of delicious barrel and vegetal flavor that gives a particularly pleasant herbal and oaky note in addition to the bold spice of the high rye and earthiness of the wheat. It makes for a very well-rounded experience.

“They’re all special to me,” said Maciej Kozuba, one of the distillery’s owners. “But, this one is a piece of our history. It came with us from Poland. It’s a part of home we get to share with everybody.”

So, if you’re a whiskey aficionado, you will want to pick one of these up. I’d be comfortable saying there aren’t many Polish-origin whiskeys that made the journey across the sea to finish aging in the states. It’s something completely different that both veteran and newer whiskey enthusiasts can get excited about.

To learn more about Kozuba & Sons distillery and its amazing history, you can visit their website by clicking here.

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