Kozuba & Sons VIP Event Coming This October

Kozuba & Sons hosting the Florida Craft Spirits Association Sunshine Spirits Festival October 1st in Tampa, FL and St. Petersburg (or St. Pete)

St. Pete is known for a few things. A budding and chic downtown, multimillion-dollar beach homes, cute little mom & pop restaurants on their twentieth year and third-generation staff. But, one thing it’s also becoming known for, is its rapidly expanding craft spirits industry. Enter, Kozuba & Sons.

Kozuba & Sons Distillery mirrors the aesthetic by offering an updated and fun venue with a family feel. And, this October, they’re utilizing both to host a VIP event you won’t want to miss.

The Sunshine Spirits Festival is a celebration of all things craft in the Florida spirits scene. Craft distillers from all over Florida will be showing up, putting on their game face, and playing their best in a bid to win new local devotees to their respective brands.

October 1st is the first official night of the two-day saga. And, this VIP opener will be one for the books.

Each of these craft distillers will be bringing something out of the ordinary. A little something special for those willing to shell out for a glorious evening experiencing the very best the Florida craft scene has to offer.

Who Is Kozuba & Sons?

Kozuba & Sons Distillery Logo

Kozuba & Sons was born on a risk. Not just a “is this going to work” kind of risk, but a life-altering, family moving halfway across the world to pursue their dream in the United States kind of risk.

In 2005, Zbigniew “Papa” Kozuba retired from his position as a biochemist and was looking for something to occupy his time. All that free time led to him experimenting with cordials. And, he got so good at making cordials that his friends, and even people he hadn’t ever met, were knocking down his door to purchase bottles faster than he could crank them out.

He, and his sons, began expanding operations, but quickly ran into a roadblock.

Poland’s distillery scene is highly monopolized and there wasn’t much room for a small, family-run distillery. Especially one focused on expanding. So, they had to find a place capable of supporting their grand vision of creating a prominent distillery producing quality craft spirits.

St. Pete, at the time, had a freshly budding craft scene, beaches, and a great local vibe that they felt would be great for building a local brand and community. So, they packed their operation up and moved to the sunny coast of Florida.

Since 2014, they’ve continued to create great cordials, clean and crisp vodka, and delicious whiskeys.

You can learn more about them by clicking here.


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