This one came on recommendation by my local liquor contact. The price was rather low, which immediately drew my skepticism. However, my bourbon buddy reminded me that with whiskey, price is an incredibly deceiving factor in judging a bottle. We took it home and popped it open. I’m fairly certain there are fewer better sounds than that first cork “plung” sound.

Spirit Info:
– Distillery: John E. Fitzgerald
– Spirit: Bourbon Whiskey “Very Special Small Batch”
– Aged: No Indication
– Proof: 92
– Purchase Price: $29.99

Nose: Caramel and toffee hit you like a truck and then recede into butterscotch and mossy bark.

Palate: Lighter than you would expect it to be. You get burnt caramel immediately, it fades into notes of wood, honey, and charcoal. It isn’t very complex, but that’s where the pleasure lies for me. In a world of complex flavors, this delivers a simple few of them straight and clean.

Afterglow: You get a sweet finish of flower and caramel that dies out into the wood flavor for just a moment before it vanishes.

Conclusion: My friend was right, it was a pleasurable experience at a downright good price. I would feel comfortable sharing this with both whiskey veterans and greenhorns alike. It’s not always the price or rarity that denotes the value of a whiskey.

Grade: B+


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