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Laws Whiskey Focuses on Quality

Who is Laws Whiskey?

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Laws Whiskey House is a Colorado-based grain-to-glass distillery. This means that they walk the fields where they locally source their grain. They then cook it, ferment it, distill it, and bottle it all in-house.

They have been around since 2011, and have created various whiskeys of different grain profiles, proofs, and ages. To create each of their expressions, they have a team of distillers rather than just a single master distiller. They embrace the ideology of “it takes a village,” and make sure that all the voices on their team are heard.

They source heirloom grains for their whiskeys, focusing on the care and quality of each step in the distillation process.

What is an Heirloom Grain?

Heirloom grains are passed down for generations. These grains aren’t genetically modified or processed. As as result, the grains evolve naturally and without human interaction. As a result, the whiskey is shaped by the natural world rather than by human intervention.

An Heirloom Grain farm in Denver Colorado for Laws Whiskey House

Which Suppliers Do They Use?

Colorado Malting Company

Ray “Pappy” Coody founded the farm in 1930. He left Oklahoma and moved to the San Luis Valley, where the farm is still located today.

His son, Bob, took over the farm and continually expanded it until his son, Wayne, purchased the farm for $35,000.

The Cody Family grew barley for breweries for over 50 years, focusing on maintaining the natural state of their grains. In 2008, they converted an old dairy barn into a malting house.

The farm sits at 7,500 feet above sea-level and it gets a full range of seasons and cool breezes. It sits at over 240 irrigated acres of growing land.

Today, the Cody Family Farm grows three major sources of grain for Laws Whiskey House: San Luis Valley Rye, Soft White Centennial Wheat, and Scarlet Two Row Barley.

Whiskey Sisters Supply

Whiskey Sisters Supply is a Colorado grains brokerage. As such, they supply many distilleries with high-quality, Colorado-grown grains.

Their goal is to not only connect local farmers with brewers and distillers, but also to ensure those offerings meet the rigorous standards of their clients.

They are the main supplier of the corn for Laws Whiskey House. This is because Laws wants to focus on using high-quality and local corn in their whiskeys.

What About The Whiskey?

Laws Whiskey uses all four “American Mother Grains” in their distillation process. Their four grain whiskey shows them off in all their glory. However, they also have individual expressions that highlight these grains individually as well.

Their San Luis Valley Rye expression displays the uniqueness of the grains sourced from the Cody Family Farm. Their Centennial Wheat expression is extremely unique. Especially in a market that’s becoming saturated with wheat whiskeys.

They also create unique, limited-edition expressions that allow you to try different experiential releases. Some of these use different grains not usually found in their whiskey Others use experimental distillation, fermentation, or malting processes.

They are also getting ready to release batch 24 of their Four Grain Bourbon. This will be a blend of 44 barrels. They hold back bits from their original batch to blend into each new batch. So, you’re essentially getting a bottle that’s both historic to their distillery and embraces all of their innovation since then!

You can lean more about Laws Whiskey House on their website by clicking here.


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