Laws Whiskey Has A Whiskey For Everyone

Laws Whiskey House out of Denver, Colorado has been making transparent whiskey.

No, we don’t mean “white lighting,” we mean they have been transparent in their distillation process. From showing where every grain is sourced from, to the location of the mineral springs where they get their water, they take pride in knowing they are holding everything out there for their fans to see.

However, they’ve done another great thing for both new and veteran whiskey enthusiasts. One that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

They’ve created a wide line of whiskey offerings that allow whiskey-lovers of all experience-levels and palates to enjoy what they’re producing.

Not only that, but they are also “deconstructing” their flagship whiskey, allowing each grain to stand on its own as well.

As you can see here, they have, for both their bourbon and their rye, three different expressions.

Many craft distilleries will offer two different expressions, at most. And, those are usually something around 90-proof and another either bonded or at cask strength.

Laws, however, wanted three. One standard, one bonded, and one cask strength which allow you explore how the different proofs and ages affect their whiskey over time.

Not just that, but they have Rye, Malt, and Wheat options available, made from the grains that can be found in their “Four Grain Bourbon.”

This is where the “deconstruction” element comes into play. It’s pretty cool seeing how these different whiskies “pick apart” their Four Grain Bourbon by offering whiskies focused around these individual grains.

It’s really cool doing a side-by-side and working through each of the different grain whiskies and then comparing it to the Four Grain. And, for the really adventurous, you can even try blending some of those grain whiskies to experiment and find a combination that really strikes home for you.

The Centennial Wheat is really something special.

It’s got an incredible nose on it, and the wheat is bold and flavorful. It doesn’t take on the typical lighter flavors from the wheat, giving it a complex edge that will satisfy whiskey veterans while still drinking smooth enough to be a great entry point for younger whiskey enthusiasts who may not yet have built a resistance to higher-proof whiskies.

Another cool thing is that if you like the idea of trying all of these different whiskies, but don’t know where to begin, Laws has you covered.

They offer a four pack of minis that you can get by clicking here.

They pack the bourbon, rye, wheat, and malt expressions into a single package and even pair you up with a Laws Whiskey House expert to guide you through your tasting!

This little pack is an excellent opportunity to try each of their expressions and find the one you like as well as experiment picking apart these different grains.

Overall, Laws has created an incredibly approachable whiskey line at various proofs so everyone can find a whiskey on their level. They also have created a wide breadth of different expressions that can not only offer a very cool and interesting way to try different whiskies, but can also help train your palate.

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