Laws Whiskey House – Four Grain Bonded Bourbon

Quick Stats:

  • Distiller: Laws Whiskey House
  • Spirit: Four Grain Straight Bourbon
  • Aged: 6 Years
  • Proof: 100
  • Purchase Price: $75
  • Laws Whiskey House Website

    About The Distillery & Bottle: 
  • “We always have and always will distil every drop we bottle. While our whiskey aged, we didn’t sell any whiskey for our first three years. Time is as critical of an ingredient as our heirloom grains. Every mash bill gets its own optimal distillation process, and we deploy time-intensive sour mash fermentation. We are the first Colorado distiller to bottle bonded whiskeys. For us, these steps are not extra, they’re mandatory to creating Laws Whiskey” 
  • “This special offering of our Four Grain is the first bonded bourbon in Colorado history. True to the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897, this bourbon is at least 4 years old, a product of a single season and a single distiller, and has been aged entirely in our federally bonded rickhouse.”
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  • Palate
  • Finish
  • Heat vs Proof
  • Value

Notes & Review

Notes & Review


Nose: Candied orange peel, cinnamon spice, raw orange blossom honey, vanilla sugar coated almonds

Palate: Black currant, cinnamon spice, dried orange peel, stewed winter fruit, baking spices, tobacco leaf

Finish: Cinnamon spice, baked brown sugar, charred oak, tanned leather


Review: We were introduced to Laws Whiskey House via one of our Whiskey Wednesdays (viewable here). We were immediately captivated by the passion, excitement, and knowledge they shared. When we asked why so many whiskies and bourbons were coming out of Colorado rather than in Kentucky, they came with a simple yet profound answer, pressure. 

The pressure changes affect how the whiskey moves in and out of the wood alongside the temperature changes, making the aging process different yet similarly effective, yielding a product that, while unmistakably different then Kentucky-aged whiskey, is delicious in its own right. 

The Four Grain Bottled-In-Bond expression hit all the notes we were expecting. You have some more classic flavors in there, such as tobacco, leather, and charred wood. However, you also have something we didn’t expect so much of: sweetness

This pour seems to be a balance of sweet and spice. Not heat, but actual baking spice and cinnamon spices that act as a counterbalance to the sweet profile. With honey, vanilla, and candied orange peel being a large part of the pour, it makes it an easy drink, though the spices, black currant, and classic tobacco and leather flavors also make it robust and complex. 

The proof is exactly right for this pour, it drinks right at 100 proof, but has a lot of flavor that comes with it. 

The value, sitting at around $75/bottle, is again, exactly right. It’s something that has a unique profile, is easy to drink, and tasty on the palate. If you’re looking for some allocated releases, this may be one to keep on your radar if you’re a fan of balanced pours that don’t pull too hard in any one direction and have just enough heat to let you know you’re actually drinking. 



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