Local Love in Liquor Stores

I’ve noticed a trend in some local liquor stores we’ve popped into during our travels across the U.S. and I absolutely love it. The highlighting of locally made whiskies and bourbons. As someone who relishes in the hunt for something unique that I can’t purchase where I live, these sections are often right where I beeline towards. Of course, you typically see these in the larger retailers but I’ve noticed it starting to pop up in some smaller, privately owned shops as well. It can range from a small endcap with handwritten signage, to an entire wall with its own display. Sure, I’ll eyeball the regular whiskey and bourbon sections for a gem hidden in there but you’d be hard pressed to find anything crazy just sitting on the shelves these days.

The bourbon and whiskey hunting craze is the wildest we’ve ever seen and it shows no signs of slowing. This is another reason why I’ve grown to appreciate these little local shops promoting their community’s whiskies and bourbons. It helps those little guys get some foothold in the ever growing wall the giants of bourbon keep piling brick upon brick on. Not only that, but it gives me a nice and concise section to do my perusing of regional expressions I might want to grab for myself.

Local love is something we try to spread as we travel as well. Whether it be to liquor stores or distilleries.

We firmly believe in the saying, “The rising tide raises all ships” here at Whiskey Culture and we cherish seeing that applied in the whiskey community. Whether it be through prominent advertisements or something as simple as setting up a store display for an up and coming local distillery trying to make its mark on the map. The whiskey community is one of the best there is. Since being a part of it for the better part of a decade, I can whole heartedly say it is the best community I have ever been involved in.

If you have any local shops or retailers in your community that practices these ideas, head over there and give them some business. Even if they don’t, maybe pop in and suggest they should and that you would love to see an area for your community’s spirits.

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