McGregor Claims He’ll “Take Over The Whiskey Market”

The McGregor v. Mayweather fight, like so many things today, polarized the masses. People wanted one or the other to win, defending their champion in online forums across the internet, or they were simply trying to stay as far away from the internet buzz-storm as possible. However, the shock came to the whiskey world when McGregor made a bold claim concerning our favorite spirit, Whiskey.

The Claim

McGregor showed up to the conference sporting his usual trendy suit, ready to talk about his 10 rounds in the ring with the now 50-0 Mayweather. However, one thing caught the eye of many-a-whiskey-lover across the nation. McGregor was holding an unknown bottle of whiskey. The press conference developed into more of a publicity stunt for his whiskey than it was for the actual fight. He took sips throughout the entire conference until he worked it into the spotlight, saying that his new brand “Notorious,” would be hitting markets “soon.”

Not surprising, many celebrities launch a line after receiving major publicity. However, the whiskey world raised a collective eyebrow when he stated: “I’m going to take over the Irish whiskey market.” A bold claim for sure, especially when there is, as of today, no actual information on the production of this brand. He will be trying to leverage his fame against dozens of time-tested and established brands.

He wasted no time after his claim to let the masses know how good it is. Taking a sip every few seconds, and at one point saying “Boy that whiskey tastes good. Oh, s–t, Notorious Irish Whiskey, Coming soon.”

Maybe it will be that good? Who knows? But, for now, with information sparse and heavy competition, it’s going to be an uphill fight for McGregor.

UFC fighter Conor McGregor took on undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match. Though out of his element, he fought an impressive 10-round bout before the referees declared Mayweather the winner by TKO. McGregor landed a total of 111 punches on Mayweather, the second highest amount of hits received in a single match in the history of Mayweather’s career.

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