Nulu Bourbon

  • Distiller: Prohibition Craft Spirits
  • Spirit: Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • Aged: 4+ Years
  • Proof: 115.4
  • Purchase Price: $54.99

    About The Distillery: “There’s something special about rolling up your sleeves and getting “Back-to-Basics.” At PCS Distilling Company’s facility, we do just that; combining the finest ingredients in our recipes with hands-on, devoted attention to every step of the distilling process.”

About Keith

It was great meeting Keith, the owner of Prohibition Craft Sprits and the current mastermind behind the NULU branding decisions. He and his master distiller, Harrison Hayden have a passion for bourbon.

Both have long histories with our favorite spirit, and both surround themselves with it. As a matter of fact, while we were there, they were breaking down old barrels and turning it into furniture when they were done bottling their product.

Harrison had his own blends and concoctions he was aging in small barrels to constantly tweak recipes and seek new flavors. Keith told us he was looking to put PCS on the map as a must-visit destination. With all the stuff they are doing, we think that is a very real possibility.

About Nulu

The distillery itself is multi-dimensional.

There is a bar side hosting a great list of different pours. However, when you enter the distillery side, there is a whole other world full of whiskey and the NULU brand history. A large bar claims one side of the large room, a maze of “story walls” tell the tales and display artifacts of multiple historical events for bourbon, Kentucky, and NULU.

There is a private party area on one side of the maze, with a stage and DJ booth in the shape of a giant whiskey barrel included for good measure. There is also a lounge that overlooks the rest of the room.

Overall, it seems like NULU is positioning itself to be quite the hangout. And that is before they positioned themselves by partnering with MGP to produce their NULU bourbon.

  • Nose
  • Palate
  • Finish
  • Value

Rating & Review


Nose: Full of sweet corn, vanilla bean cream, and rose hip. It’s a very classic sweet young bourbon scent profile. 

Palate: You can definitely tell that it’s a younger bourbon just due to the sweet corn in the body, but it definitely doesn’t carry a burn or overly ethanol tone. It’s got your classic bourbon flavors with dried tobacco, campfire oak, and a nice caramel cream sweetness. 

Finish: The finish is dry and strong with notes of charred oak, leather, and a bit of ethanol heat. 

Final Thoughts: This is a great classically flavored bourbon that won’t break the bank. Definitely worth trying if you’re looking for a solid pour that wears it’s over-100-proof badge with pride, but not so hot that it overpowers the dram’s flavor. 

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