Old Forester Announces New Single Barrel Rye

A new expression drops from Old Forester and it’s their single barrel rye whiskey, this time at cask strength. Clad in the traditional single barrel livery, except this time in the ubiquitous rye green hue.

As with all single barrel selections, this will come out in a variety of proofs. It looks to be around 127 proof, at least from warehouse G floor 3. Old Forester’s rye has been around since 2019 and has received a decent reception. However, now we’ll really be able to see what this single barrel rye can bring to the table at that higher proof and unique profiles found in their single barrel selection program.

This is the second splash that Old Forester has made recently.

The first, was when they switched from their 90-proof barrel selections. They elected to go for the more potent barrel-strength model that many of their competitors have been adopting. This is to match pace with the changing palate of the whiskey community. As of late, drinkers trend towards seeking-out higher-proof options that many entry level consumers would be uncomfortable drinking.

Much of the time, this higher proof comes with more intense flavors that trained palates are able to wade through and pick-apart. Experienced or a complete novice to the whiskey world, you’d be remiss to not get a sip of this. A new rye is always a cool pour to check out, especially when it is a cask strength and a store pick to boot!

Keep an eye out for this release in your local liquor stores if they get lucky enough to snag a pick from Old Forester and if we get our hands on it we’ll make sure to let you know how it is! Check out Old Forester’s page for their single barrel rye on their website here.

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